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D. Altherr, Orleans, Ontario

I found Rockburn Home Inspection to be very thorough in the tour of my property. Jeff took the time to make sure I understood what was needed in the home.

S. Malicki, Barrhaven, Ontario

We liked that we got a good overall crash course in home ownership. We know what "needs" to be done & what "should" be done, what's a priority & what isn't.

B. Bell, Ottawa, Ontario

I have purchased 4 homes in the last 6 years and by far this was the best Home Inspection I had. I appreciated the time Jeff took AFTER the inspection, to review his notes and prepare his report. and then spending even more time to walk me through it all. My previous experiences were the Inspector just filling out the forms as he went along and handing me a binder to read through later.I will recommend Rockburn Home Inspection to others.

P. Difrancesco, Ottawa, Ontario

Jeff was very thorough.

J. MacIlroy. Ottawa, Ontario

Easy manner and friendly attitude.

B. & W. Brown, Barrhaven, Ontario

We liked the way you explained how the problem or area of concern could or should be addressed in order to rectify it, instead of simply pointing out what was wrong.

J. Buttrum, Barrhaven, Ontario

Very good service. Thorough inspection. Great explanation of defects and recommendations for repairs. I cannot think of anything that could have been better.

C. Earl, Barrhaven, Ontario

Good, Friendly, Informative Service. Very Thorough.

R. Banerjee, Ottawa, Ontario

Jeff was exceptional at making me feel at ease during the entire home inspection process. He made sure to provide invaluable maintainance and general advice on important items. , , , and on a second inspection, , , , Your desire to communicate general maintenance tips was invaluable. You took your time and we never felt rushed. You made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Simply put, you care and we could not have asked for anything more. Thank you so much!

S. Lagarde, Merrickville, Ontario

There were many things that made this experience agreeable. However the one thing that most stands out was Jeff's detailed and patient explanations. This was especially useful to use being first time buyers.

B. Fournier, Metcalfe, Ontario

I think the service was great and the inspection was done to the best of his abilities considering the heavy winter conditions. Lots of comment/recommendations directed towards actions after snow melt.""Good document presentation, organized information, walk through and very thorough.

E. Klassen, Kanata, Ontario

I liked how Jeff described the areas of concern. He thoroughly reviewed what the issue was, why it was an issue and how to best resolve the issue. I was amazed at the detail of the inspection and appreciated that the minor as well as the major repairs were thoroughly examined. Jeff was approachable and communicated very well. It was easy to ask questions or ask for further explanation when I needed more information.

Furthermore, I appreciate that Jeff made me take a serious look at the home I was about to purchase. Jeff was on time and spent his time well. He also went over and above on my inspection as he delivered the report to me that night, as I had to leave town due to family emergency. I sincerely appreciate that he accommodated me.

M. & D. Saulinier, Kemptville, Ontario

Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

A. Levert, Navan, Ontario

I really enjoyed Jeff's personal touch. Jeff you made me feel comfortable immediately. I was confident I was going to get the best possible inspection.

M. Pirie, Kemptville, Ontario

Jeff was excellent at explaining things that were good and bad. He constantly kept up with our never ending "whys" without missing anything.

A. Hardy & T. Warford, Barrhaven, Ontario

Jeff was very thorough during his inspection. It was great that he took the time to explain and recommended improvements to the home. Having all the pictures he took during the inspection is a great tool for future reference. Thanks Again Jeff.

J. Barnes & V. Kan, Ottawa, Ontario

Appreciated the extra time you took to answer many questions we had as it was our first home purchase.

C. Adams, Kars, Ontario

Jeff Rockburn has a way of explaining how things should work and how things should be, and he is very thorough with his work.."I definitely will recommend Jeff Rockburn to do your Home Inspection.

A. & S. Vrooman, Kanata, Ontario

We really liked that Jeff was detail oriented, and gave as a solution to solving the problem.

C. Newport, Ottawa, Ontario

Was very patient with the present homeowner hovering over him.

MA Terriault. Ottawa, Ontario

The service was great. Jeff is very knowledgeable and was able to pick up on the little things that other home inspectors wouldn't have been able to.

S. Walker, Ottawa, Ontario

The inspector was relaxed, took his time to look into the little details, explained things carefully, was easy to question & engage in discussion. I will talk to him about recommendations after I take possesion. Fun to work with while remaining serious.

J.D. Hart, Ottawa, Ontario

Straight forward- Good Explanations- Thorough.

V. Syer & N. Al-Wareh, Orleans, Ontario

Thank you for your very thorough and detailed inspection. We were both impressed with your knowledge and that you were meticulous attentive to every detail. You also took the time to explain everything to us. We would recommend your Home Inspection Service.

R. Paxton, Nepean, Ontario

Very detailed inspection of everything in the home. The suggestions on ways to fix the problems quickly and easily was very helpful.

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