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A walk around the exterior of the house is very important to get a feel for the way the home is sitting in relation to the landscape and the drainage around the property. It is important to check the grading of the lot and whether the down spouts are doing their job in directing water away from the foundation. The construction and the condition of the wall finishes, the condition of the soffit, fascia, the condition of all windows and doors will be inspected.  The construction of all decks and porches will be thoroughly examined for structural integrity and safety if access under the structure is obtainable.

Samples from other inspections

Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
The penetrations around the home are checked during the exterior part of the inspection. Here the line set and electrical feed for a future A/C unit was left unsealed. This is a perfect place for driving rain to enter or a place for insects or birds to nest.
Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
The ground level on this property slopes directly to the foundation. When this is observed special notice will be taken when the basement is entered for potential leaks. Take notice of the staining on the wall from the hose bib which could be leaking as well.
Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
The caulking around this skylight has failed and is leaking inside the home. The home owner was surprised when I found this one. You couldnĀ“t see it from the inside looking up, only from the roof.
Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
This eavestrough will not remove the water effectively from the roof with all of the debris inside of it. Slow drainage can cause water backups and ice damming in the winter. It is important to check the eavestroughs regularly.
Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
Since the home inspection is not a "building code specific" inspection, it is important to identify items that are in the code that could be a potential safety issue. Here, the missing railing could easily cause of a fall and potential serious injury.
Exterior Home Inspection Ottawa
Here the home owners garden level exceeds the height of the brick siding. Brick is very porous and should not be below the soil. Water entry is possible into the home if the soil level too high.

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