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The heating and cooling systems in the home will be operated through a normal cycle and the system operation will be checked for typical of the day to day use. Whenever possible, and readily accessible, service panels will be opened to inspect the interior of the equipment. It is possible that on the extremely hot days the heating system will not be operated so as to not make the home uncomfortable for the habitants. As well on days where the outdoor temperature is below 15ºC it can actually be harmful to the equipment to operate the A/C system. The limitations and restrictions will always be discussed with the client.

Samples from other inspections

Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
The connection on this duct work was separated and proper air flow was not being delivered to the room above.
Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
The grill you see was in the main level floor first thought to be used as a return air grill. What the picture doesn´t show is that the top of the duck work had been cut open to allow flow from the duck work to the grill. First the duck work should be tied in properly. Second they are using this for supply, so not only is most the air coming out of the duct heading off and being lost in the basement ceiling, but the lack of restriction is robbing the floor registers further down stream.
Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
Here the line set at the duct work on the furnace is not sealed. The large line in the picture carries the condensed liquid refrigeration back to the unit outside. This is the pipe that you somentimes see wet. The insulation that is missing on the last 6 inches could cause condensation on this line and possible leaking on the unit or floor in this area. Also the air leaking around the pipes at the ductwork into the surrounding room makes the unit run inefficienly.
Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
On mid and high efficient units with power vents, it is important that the motor compartment be checked regularly by your service technician for signs of leaks. Because the hot gases are cooled rapidly during the process, condensation is created. Although there are provisions within the unit dispose of the condensation, the clamps can leak. Water in the carcass of the unit can rust the metal and can cause shorts in the electronics of the system, typically directly underneath the event motor.
Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
I made a little girls day when I found her missing Barbie shoe. A representative number of air ducts are checked to confirm what condition they are in and to check air flow. The recommendation for air duct cleaning is every 4 years. This could be reduced if there many pets in the house. Some areas where there is a lot of construction could affect this as well, particularly in new home developments.
Heating & Cooling Home Inspection Ottawa
The condensing unit of this A/C system is not sitting level. Having the unit level will allow it to run smoother and quieter with less stress on the bearings in the motor on the condensing fan. Inside the unit the compressor will be better lubricated because the oil will be evenly distributed.


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