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As part of the structural inspection of your home, the beams and posts are inspected. The condition of the roof sheathing and the roof trusses or rafters are examined. On adjoining units, such as a row or town home, the fire separations and party walls will be checked to see if the integrity of their structure is in place. The attic is usually inspected from the attic hatch but if there is something that cannot be viewed properly from the hatch, the attic may be entered, but only if it can be done in a safe and non destructive manner. Visible portions of the foundations will be inspected for possible cracks or signs of leaks. I will discuss the limitations of the inspection wilh my client when finishes or storage causes restrictions to the inspection. The foundation walls will be checked for current deficiencies, evidence of damages, past work, and the subsequent repairs.

Samples from other inspections

Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
This stone foundation had been previously parged with concrete that has deteriorated. The stones were solid and still in tack but water from a leaky eavestrough above have slowly deteriorated the parging. Repairs were recommended to be immediately done to prevent water entry and further deterioration of the foundation.
Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
The interlock stones on this porch have been installed directly over the original poured concrete slab. The problem is that the weeping holes on the bottom course of the brick have been covered and now the moisture within the wall doesn't have anywhere to drain. That is why you see the white substance called efflorescence caused by the moisture wicking through the brick. This will eventually cause the brick to fail through deterioration or spalling.
Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
This middle support on this deck was poorly done. It looks like it was added after the fact, probably due to the "bounce" in the deck. A proper support and concrete column in the ground was recommended, but in this situation with limited access, a deck block securely positioned and anchored would have been sufficient.
Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
The vinyl siding on this home is all warped. This is a good indication that the gas barbecue was in this location and melted the vinyl siding before the home owners realized the damage that it had caused or the potential damage it could have caused through pyrolysis.
Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
The crack in the parging on this foundation follows the mortar line of the masonry block. The inside of the foundation had an identical crack but no signs of leaking. With no other signs of movement or settlement repairing the cracks with mortar, and sealing the block on the outside is a cosmetic repair and will help prevent water infiltration.
Structural Home Inspection Ottawa
This is a shot of the roof sheathing of a home. The home owner thought it a good idea to close up the soffits to prevent drafting in the attic. Unfortunately the bathroom exhaust fan wasn´t properly vented to the exterior and the trapped moisture in the attic caused the mold on approximately 80% of the sheathing.

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