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The inspection will review the valleys, hips, and report on the condition of the parapet walls. During the roof inspection installation the plumbing stacks, electrical masts and vents will also be viewed. As part of the Standards of Practice, the method of the roof inspection will be discussed and recorded so the client will understand the limitations and safety precautions of a roof inspection. Not all roofs are accessible in a safe manner given the weather and the slope of the roof.

A roof's age and the remaining life expectancy could be the hardest items to determine because of the various materials and age limitations within the materials. Without a receipt or proof of purchase, being able to confirm exactly what year the roofing material was installed can be a difficult if not impossible task.

Samples from other inspections

Ottawa Home Inspection
On this roof the shingles were badly curled, split and the granules were probably 60% missing on 50% of the shingles. This is clearly a condition where the potential buyers were not aware that the roof was past it´s normal life span and had to budget for a new roof. Recommendation was immediate upon closing, especially with winter around the corner.
Ottawa Home Inspection
This flat roof is in need of replacement. The rolled tar has broken down and the metal surface is exposed. The lack of any granule covering on this roofing material contributed to the sun and UV break down of the rolled tar. The lack of roof scuppers, central roof drain or any other drainage system contributes to standing water on this roof contributing to the break down as well.
Ottawa Home Inspection
On this north east facing property there were several areas on the roof (like this close up) where a shingle (section in this case) was missing. Because of the adjacent open fields and constant winds, there can be more stress on the tab adhesion and if not property installed or sealed the shingles can lift up and snap off. The shingles were not that old on this roof so individual replacement was recommended. Failure could result in ice and water entry into the attic and home.
Ottawa Home Inspection
Here´s a picture where the bricks on the chimney have "blown out", known as spalling. This is where water has entered into the brick and through the freeze thaw period expands the face of the brick outward. These bricks are now beyond repair and need to be replaced. Failure will result in further damage and water entry into the chimney flue and into the home. Damages could go undetected for years before evidence of a leak is noticed, causing rot and mold in the attic and roof structure.
Ottawa Home Inspection
Home inspections are also about identifying the good qualities; here a home owner has properly extended the downspout from the upper eavestrough to the lower eavestrough to control the water. This will prevent wear and tear on the shingles (like the photo to the right). Keep in mind that eavestroughs and down spouts come in various colours if you want to blend the pipe into the roof surface better.
Ottawa Home Inspection
A lack of eavestrough on the upper roof has caused premature wear of the shingles on the lower roof. The constant run off of the water from one roof to the other prematurely wears the shingles surface due to the water pressure.

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