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Rockburn Home Inspection uses an electronic reporting system called Horizon™. This system features section by section details to describe the existing system components, the condition of each component and the method of inspection. With the use of the photos taken during the inspection and detailed illustrations inserted into the report you will understand the level of urgency for each system that is identified.

This will help to determine if the component needs replacement or repair which is a valuable asset for you to use in your home repair budgets. You will receive the report as a downloadable PDF so it can be saved or printed for future use. All findings and opinions are based on the condition of the component on the day of the inspection so referring back to the report on a regular basis will keep you up to date.

Horizon™ contains descriptions of each of the home's systems and how they would typically function through a detailed reference catalogue all obtainable on line within the report. Along with these descriptions are explanations of possible failures and the typical results if items are not corrected in a reasonable amount of time. Following the “Home Set Up and Maintenance” page will guide you moving forward from the day you receive the report to many years of home ownership.

Horizon™ also includes a section titled “Life Cycles and Costs” which contains information on the typical life expectancy of certain components, and a guideline for budgeting the replacement of those systems.

With the information received during the physical inspection and the details utilized within the Horizon™ system, Rockburn Home Inspection will leave you “Understanding your Home”.

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